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Women's Ceremony with Ella

€ 40,00
10 januari 2024 19:30 - 21:30 UUR
Women's Ceremony with E...
€ 40,00
10 januari 2024 19:30 - 21:30 UUR
Ella  G...
les wordt gegeven doorElla Giljam
10 januari 2024 19:30 - 21:30 UUR
€ 40,00

Women's Ceremony
a women's circle to re-connect with our Self & sisterhood

On the 10th of January we are celebrating Capricorn season under a Capricorn New Moon. A beautiful moment to come together as a group of women and work with the energy of Capricorn.

The female archetype connected to this zodiac is the Wise Woman — She is the wise one, the grandmother. She builds structures for the culture and the next generations. She is responsible, focused and gains knowledge for practical use. During this ceremony we will work with both the energy of Capricorn and the New Moon; set intentions for the new lunar cycle and connect with our inner Wise Woman, listening to our intuition, inner voice and personal truth.


Coming together as a group of women can be really uplifting, empowering and motivating. In ancient times this was part of the women’s mysteries. Priestesses and witches (both wise women) were doing this regularly. Because of the patriarch this was banned from culture. Women could no longer come together as it was dangerous. It is time to restore the women’s mysteries and experience the power of women coming together. 


A combination of (embodiment) practices, sharing and teachings. Ella is combining astrology, shamanism, breathwork and tantric practices during this ceremony. Every ceremony holds a combination of different tools and rituals that are connect to the theme for the evening.

About Ella

Ella started to walk the path of Shamanism back in 2019, when she started with Shamanic Astrology where she still is a student. This was the beginning, her interest in Shamanism was born. In 2021 she found the right place and teacher to go deeper into the ancient wisdom and in April 2023 she became a certified Shamanic Practitioner. She completed her training with Ron Townsend at Definest in Almere, who is trained by Sandra Ingerman herself, who is a great inspiration to Ella. In September of that year she followed her first training into Shamanic Breathwork with Linda Star Wolf and to dive deeper into breathwork she joined and completed the breathwork coach training at De Nieuwe Yogaschool. 

Since the start of the training she tries to implement Shamanism in her work and daily life and with that her fascination for nature started to grow. Living in connection with the natural cycles of Land & Sky, honoring the elements and in contact with (her) helping Spirits is part of who she is. 

This circle will be in Dutch or English depending on the women in the circle. All are welcome!
Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. 

Date: Wednesday 10 Januari, 2024
Time: 19.30 - 21.30 hr
Place: De Nieuwe Yogaschool, Amsterdam
Price: 40,00