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Earth Water Nectar | 3 x Shanti Flow Masterclass series with Simon Rowe

€ 75,00
07 oktober 2022 19:00 - 21:30 UUR
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Earth Water Nectar | 3 ...
€ 75,00
07 oktober 2022 19:00 - 21:30 UUR
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Simon R...
les wordt gegeven doorSimon Rowe
07 oktober 2022 19:00 - 21:30 UUR
€ 75,00
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Earth Water & Nectar 
3 x Shanti Flow masterclasses with Simon Rowe 

Dive into the Lunar / Yin pathway of Shanti Flow Yoga for inner healing & regeneration. Spoil yourself and enjoy one or all 3 of these deep, soulful lunar journeys, Learn how to enrich your Lunar or Yin experience with these breath and movement guided practices.

These 3 masterclasses offer a journey into the 3 levels of Shanti Flow Yoga:

Slow Flow | grounding lunar flow practices

Gentle Vinyasa | softening lunar flow practices

Fluid Yin & Movement Meditation | deep releasing & sweetening practices

Experience the 3 levels of Shanti Flow Yoga during these 3 beautiful nourishing practices

* All of the Shanti Flow masterclasses include mantra, sound bath and guided meditations

Fri 07 Oct 19:00 - 21:30
Earth | Deep soulful & grounding Slow Flow
Grounding, rooting, coming home ..

Slow down and dive in during this deep and soulful, lunar Yoga journey. Move from the healing power of embodied breath and deepen your Earth embodiment during these grounding practices for deep tension release and conscious healing. Practice from a place of deep surrender and ease during this slow moving meditation that passes through cycles of lunar hip opening and deep pelvic release, cultivating your Earth connection in a profound & healing journey back home. Om Shanti

Fri 21 Oct 19:00 - 21:30
Water | Fluid gentle & softening Lunar Flow
Opening to the flow of grace ..

During this journey into the softening pathway of Shanti Flow we release all rigidity and open to the grace of fluid practice. We gently soften the hard edges of our Yoga as we harmonise and balance our masculine and feminine qualities. During the practice of softening we release our controlling tendencies to feel the ebb and flow of our own healing nature. Focussed on our spine, this sequence awakens a healing flow of energy and consciousness through the central channel to imbue a deep experience of harmony and grace.

Fri 04 Nov 19:00 - 21:30
Nectar | Fluid Yin & Movement Meditation
Moving into sweet surrender ..

Come and experience how breathwork and flow can be integrated beautifully into a Yin quality of practice. This final masterclass is the gentlest and innermost sacred journey into softness and surrender. Dive into a fluid Yin sequence that gently unfolds in a serene moving meditation. Nourish yourself deeply by this fluid integration of Yin Flow, Breathwork & movement, untie the knots of resistance and open to the wisdom of your heart

Aham Shanta Bhavam’ ~ peace is my nature

Masterclass series | Registration options

FULL SERIES 3 x masterclasses €75 incl. btw
Earth | Single masterclass €30 - REGISTER HERE
Water | Single masterclass €30 - REGISTER HERE
Nectar | Single masterclass €30 - REGISTER HERE

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