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Shamanic Day Retreat with Ella

Shamanic Day Retreat wi...

Shamanic Day Retreat 

- a deep dive into Shamanism -

We are living in an ultra fast moving time where everything is available 24/7. There is hardly time for any stillness and connection. And this is why I created this day retreat. To re-connect with yourself, others and mother nature, just in the city. Nowadays there are so many opinions and "truths" from others. For me Shamanism is about finding my own truth, connecting with my inner guidance and intuition. And I wish that for everyone.

Shamanism is one of the oldest nature religions in the world. There is so much wisdom in this culture that can help us to re-connect. The Shaman uses its practices to heal other people, the community and the Earth. But what is  Shamanism for you? What would you like to implement in your life from this ancient culture?


During this practical and interactive day retreat you will get a glimpse of Shamanism as we move through different subjects. You will get a bit of theory to learn about Shamanism, but the day is mostly practical as we have to experience it ourselves. We make several shamanic journeys under the guidance of the shamanic drum. By journeying you will learn about, and get familiar with making these journeys, the three worlds (as known in Shamanism) and our helping spirits. 

We will dive into:

- What is Shamanism - a brief introduction into the wisdom;

- What is shamanic journeying and how to do it (and we will practice this a lot during this day);

- Get to know your spirit animal(s) and/or spirit guide(s) and learn to how they can help and support you;

- The difference between the three worlds, and make journeys to these worlds;

- Re-connect and trust your inner guidance and intuition.

This day retreat includes:
- A small workbook
- Tea & snacks
- A vegetarian (or vegan) lunch

About Ella

Ella started to walk the path of Shamanism back in 2019, when she started with Shamanic Astrology where she still is a student. This was the beginning, her interest in Shamanism was born. In 2021 she found the right place and teacher to go deeper into the Wisdom and to become a Shamanic Practitioner with Ron Townsend at Definest in Almere. As he is trained by Sandra Ingerman herself, who is a great inspiration to Ella. Last September she did her first training into Shamanic Breathwork with Linda Star Wolf. She sees this as a beautiful combination of Shamanic tools.

Since the start of the training she tries to implement Shamanism in her work and daily life and with that her fascination for nature started to grow. Living with the natural cycles of Land & Sky, honoring the elements and in contact with (her) helping Spirits is part of who she is.

Date: 9 December, 2022
Time: 10.00 - 18.00 hr
Place: De Nieuwe Yogaschool, Amsterdam
Price: 90,00