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Anna Scott Miller

Anna Scott Miller

Learn & teach in example, not in being perfect, but in being real and honest. And have some fun along the way ;-)

After studying Physical Education and working as a teacher in Education for 10 years, yoga was the holistic approach Anna searched for. Always combing her knowledge of the physical body with coaching, nutrition and personal development, yoga is the connective tissue. It made her see the unseparated connection between mind, body and spirit. And the world and people around.

In 2005 she first connected with Power Yoga in Colorado, and did her first training in that some years later. Along the way she fell in love with Ashtanga back in Amsterdam, which became her own daily practice. After her second Teacher Training in Vinyasa, she also expended her studies with deepening in Ashtanga.

Yin enriched her life a little bit later, which she incorporates in het yang styles as well.

Each year she travels to her teachers Mark Robberds & Deepika Mehta to practice and evolve. What she loves about their teachings is the holistic view, the gentle guidance and the influences of new insights and knowledge.

Besides this, she always loves to keep learning, expanding her knowledge and being a student. At home with her teachers, as well as assisting them, and by following lots of trainings and workshops. By great teachers, like Kino MacGregor, Petri Räisänen, Wambui Njuguna, Laruga Glazer, David Swenson & Eddie Stern.

In her classes, the breath has a prominent role. Moving on the rhythm of the breath in the Vinyasa and Ashtanga classes. It’s the connection with yourself and the unity. The connecting is what she would like to emphasize and give space for. With the breath, body, movement and mind. Using the postures as a metaphor, to gain insight and to empower. To eventually use this off the mat in your daily life. In your outer communications.

The classes can be physically challenging, but also create more space and care on an emotional and mental level.


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