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Hoyte de Ranitz

Hoyte de Ranitz

Hoyte de Ranitz is an inspired student and practitioner of yoga and meditation. He teaches mindful spirited vinyasa yoga.

After an extensive corporate design career, his yoga journey began 15 years ago when he found himself in need of a physical and spiritual practice as a way to change his life path.

Hoyte dove deeper into yoga, finishing his 500h yoga teacher trainings with 'Radiantly Alive’ while living in Bali.

He studied with teachers from different lineages like Ashtanga vinyasa, Iyengar yoga & Yin yoga
before meeting his current teacher Octavio Salvado (Tantric Hatha yoga).

Different yoga forms that share the same goal; increasing & managing energy flow in the body and establish a calm and balanced mind.

Yoga is the perfect match in his work as a designer and zest for life: enhancing vitality and creativity.

Hoyte’s classes are eclectic and sometimes challenging; a blend of vibrancy to wake up and heal the body, (you could call it 'yang'-vinyasa), matched with groundedness and calm (a slower ‘yin’-like approach), to balance and eventually ascend our energy for the goal of Meditation.

“Body to shape the breath. Breath to shape the mind. Mind to connect into source.”: so we may remember our inner Luminosity and Divinity.

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