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Kim Terpstra

Kim Terpstra

At a young age I went to the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam. After several years I had to stop dancing because of injuries, went to the Art Academy and developed a career as a Graphic and Textile designer.

My passion for movement never disappeared though and after a couple of years only working from a desk, I started to miss the physical practices desperately. I started to look around and ended up in a yoga practice by coincidence. From that first day on I fell in love with it.

Yoga became part of my daily life right away and I practiced a lot of styles with many amazing teachers. To deepen my own practice I completed a Vinyasa Teacher Training and started to share my practice with others. In my classes I focus on awareness of the body, mind and breath, on alignment, technique and the magic of the movement.

Via my Instagram account I share my practice and I host challenges together with teachers from all around the globe. Here we exchange the good yoga vibes.

If you listen carefully to yourself, yoga always gives you exactly what you need. Yoga is my way of life!

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