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Marije van Liere

Marije van  Liere

Yoga brought me home. From my first ever yoga practice in 2014, yoga has always felt like coming home. It helped me recover from burnout and is forever allowing me to sync with the pulse of life and step into my power. Since then I’ve completed a 200 hour Yin and 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training at De Nieuwe Yogaschool, over 300 hours of Advanced Study Prana Vinyasa with Shiva Rea and over 100 hours of various other advanced studies. To me, yoga is a metaphor for life. Yoga practice teaches us to go with the flow, connect to the field of unlimited possibilities (hello inversions!) and allows us to be the space for whatever shows up in this moment. Even if it feels uncomfortable. Yoga teaches us to cope. In my Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga classes students get to embody the flow of life and become one with the rhythms of nature. Depending on the seasons, days, time of day and your own feeling state, I invite you to give the body what it needs to once again find balance. That’s how we reconnect to our true nature and the deeply rooted wisdom inside of us. My flows are very flowy, inspired by Shakti (the creative life force) and strongly influenced by the incredible teachings of Shiva Rea. With so much joy I pass the spark of yoga, to once again sync with the pulse of life and remember who we truly are.

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